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Erick Russey DVM

I purchased a 12-foot wide Alutex Antigua retractable awning model as a surprise for my wife. She’s complained about the sun being too hot, and she can’t enjoy the patio. I went with the manual crank; I don’t trust any electronics and motors even after a lot of cyberspace reviews suggested to buy the motor for ease of use. The awning projects out 12-feet so it covers most of the deck. The frame mounted to the wall under the eaves, and although the soffits are white, the wall isn’t, so it doesn’t blend well. I also have two birds trying to nest on top of it so it probably would have been best to buy a fully enclosed cassette model instead. My wife doesn’t complain about the sun now; she’s just afraid the wind will drop the awning on her head! Early days yet, I’ll post after using the retractable awning for an entire summer – Erick R.