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Ashley Scorsone

I read the reviews and testimonials around the web for the NuImage NuShade motorized retractable model and decided it would be acceptable to shade our patio. A bit pricey, but that means it should be better? Time will tell! The online ordering process was confusing, but I did get through it with assistance. From the web reviews, I knew what to expect with a DIY installation, so I made sure to watch some installation videos and have extra help. The motor retracts and extends the awning as I expected from the reviews, but I’m glad it has the manual crank just in case as our neighborhood lost electricity last week from a terrible storm. I just have to remember to hose the fabric and frame down every now and then and make sure it’s dry prior to retracting and closing. I’ll add more after I’ve used it more but for now, the quality appears to be very average.