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Chloe Abercrombie

We choose the S Series awning for our sun-drenched west facing patio. We’d read reviews on different models before making our selection. Our plan was to install it under the eaves, below the roof, where it would be protected from the weather. We would then be able to roll out the canopy to keep the sun off the deck and windows and enjoy the outdoor space. We liked the Easy Pitch feature since it would allow us to lower the front bar and block more of the setting sun. Installation wasn’t as easy as expected. Make sure you have enough room to turn the manual crank; it works better when vertical than on an angle. Once installed, the awning rolled out with difficulty and the pitch adjusted downward. Raising the pitch takes effort, especially if the canopy is fully extended. Retracting the awning partially before adjusting the pitch makes it a wee bit easier. You may want to do some strength exercises so it’ll be easier to retract the awning too. Seriously! The awning is very difficult to open and close