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Charles McGinnis

When it came time to replace our existing awning and framework, I spent a lot of time searching the web and reading consumer testimonials. Living on the shore of a very large body of water, we experience few days without wind. My last awning, made in China, faded and frayed within a year, and the framework showed rust and flaking before the second season was up. My investment didn’t have much to show for it after less than 2 years.

I was really impressed with the reviews and ratings of the European manufactured Amsterdam Patio Cover awning. Unlike all other retractable patio cover awnings, it has two motors instead of one for the retractable canopy, since the fabric moves in two different ways. The stylish framework is aluminum and Qualicoat powder coated to help prevent rusting and oxidation. It can be a free-standing pergola or an attached pergola. It also offers protection against heavy rain and wind! That means it could be used to expand the time an outdoor space could be used.

I chose the Amsterdam model awning that attached to my house. The minimalist framework is less obtrusive than the one it replaced, yet solid enough to support the fabric canopy if it gets wet or the wind gusts. I can have the awning fully extended or retract it part way to watch the clouds go by or the stars at night. I’ve even noticed a reduction in my cooling needs in the short time I’ve had the Amsterdam.

I highly advocate the Amsterdam model awning. This unique product, options and accessories offered, plus the best warranty I could find speak for themselves.