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Ali Saidi

I bought a 20 x 10 Aleko retractable Awning. First i could not find anyone to install it. Finally when i found an installer the job was supposed to take between 4mto 6 hours but there were some missing parts, which i had to buy on my own as Aleko’s phone lines were busy and the average hold time was about 45 minutes at which time the connection was lost. Finally the awning was assembled and installed and upon testing it broke and snapped because the roller, which is made of plastic broke. We were lucky as no one was close to it otherwise they would require emergency medical attention. The issue is that the awning is too heavy to be handled by one plastic roller. I showed this to an awning expert and he said that this type of installation would require 2 to 3 metal rollers so the weight is distributed. I called Aleko again and left a voice mail and 3 months later someone called me back telling me that they are aware of the problem and the only thing she can do is to give me a 15% refund.