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Victoria Lamoriello Emilio

I purchased this awning 1 year ago to help my husband be able to sit outside and recover from cancer treatments. It has been one issue after another. Starting with the dealer.
I decided to reach out to eclipse directly and tell them what is going on in the hopes that they would be able to rectify the situation. I just didn’t want to deal with the dealer anymore.

When I spoke to the woman at Eclipse she seemed very sympathetic to my situation, and she assured me she would do whatever she could to assist me. I actually felt relieved for 5 minutes.

My problem is, this very, very expensive awning has several unsightly creases running throughout the entire awning. I paid 6k for this awning and I don’t want to look at creases that no one else has in their Eclipse awning. The dealer said there was nothing they could do about it.

So the woman I spoke to who was so kind at the time is now ghosting me. Not even bothering to reply to my emails. No courtesy response, nothing!! I was kind enough to reach out to them first rather then write a review like this, but apparently it doesn’t pay to try and be nice. The awning looks like crap and I can hardly use it because of the wind.

I’m tired of people taking my money and then just treating u like u don’t matter. I have a product that is damaged. Fix it. And if you have a customer service person who ignores the customer when she promised to help, well, all I can say is disappointment in this company all around.

It would take me all day to write everything I experienced from day 1 with this awning.
I wish I knew how to post pictures for all of you.
Not sure what model I have but it is definitely an Eclipse retractable awning