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Randy Tuckerman

I picked up an S Series retractable model with solid fabric canopy. The color went well with the house and patio furniture and added a new dimension to the old deck. The awning doesn’t have a cover to protect it, so I mounted it up under the roof to protect it from the weather. Installation wasn’t too tricky, but make sure everything is level before drilling holes. Once installed, the canopy opened with a lot of effort with the crank. The arms and entire frame look lightweight and cheap and the whole thing is made in China and some people say they’re fine; I’ll wait and see. Some of the testimonials commented on how difficult the awning is to extend after it stays retracted for a while – these testimonials were correct! Changing the pitch downward is difficult, and I agree with other reviewers that it isn’t easy to raise if the canopy is fully extended. It covers the deck and the patio furniture; hopefully, I’ll get lots of use out of it, even though it is difficult to both extend and retract. Had I known the awning was made in China, I would never have purchased it – everything I buy made in China falls apart and never lasts!! Buyer beware.