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Liam Griffin

My wife wanted something to keep the sun off the back deck and reduce the heat entering into the living room. I suggested curtains, she told me she found something better, and it was being shipped. She said she’d checked out the product and reviews that were average. My wife bought it due to a low price. It was a 16’x10’ manual awning from the C Series line. It arrived in a long box fully assembled. All I had to do was install the brackets. I watched the installation video and some others I found online. Lining up, leveling, and installing the brackets took the most time. A buddy helped me lift the housing into place and secure it. The product was manufactured with poor paint as it has already begun to chip. This product is just ordinary. The awning is in an aluminum cassette, but the crank is difficult to turn. Be careful that you don’t bang your knuckles. The striped canvas covers the window without cutting off the view like curtains would, so everything is cool. Happy wife = happy life:)