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If you’re looking for a retractable roof to cover an existing pergola, I highly encourage you to read the online consumer testimonials for the Adana patio cover awning. The sleek aluminum frame and European grace of the draping folds of the canopy fabric create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance which will delight you and your guests.

I picked the optional hood to protect the retracted fabric from snow, rain and bird feces, and the optional side curtains for the trellis for privacy and aesthetics. The waterproof fabric means protection from heavy rain or even a storm burst and has a UV rating that helps protect my indoor furniture and carpeting from fading. The Adana is a great addition to our indoor-outdoor entertainment space – residential or commercial. The remote-control transmitter and smartphone/tablet module allowing me to open and close the pergola roof cover from anywhere in the world completed my list of requirements.

With a list of accessories and options to meet every requirement, and the ability to attractively cover large existing pergola, trellis and arbors, the Adana model awning will meet your needs. I strongly encourage you to check out the 25-year warranty, quality workmanship, and glowing testimonials while you measure up your home or business for a Adana model pergola cover.