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Joshua Brooks

I ordered a 16 x 10’2” Vista model by Sunsetter with acrylic fabric. The fabric has begun to fade after only being up for 3 months thus the 1 star quality rating. I am now concerned because the fabric Sunsetter offers is not a brand name like Sunbrella or Para that I have since determined have a 10-year warranty. The color choice was limited, but they had the color we wanted in stock. Sunsetter says fading of the fabric is not covered by their lousy 5 year prorated warranty! I went with the soffit bracket to give more headroom and to get more coverage on the deck. I would have preferred if the awning extended further though. It weighs more than 100 pounds, so installation was easier with an extra pair of hands. Have your helper available to support the front bar if you want to adjust the pitch….not something I’ll do again! The crank makes a squeaky noise, and it extends and retracts the awning with a lot of effort. Delivery works better where I live and saves a day of travel too.