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Gertrude Schweiner

My new awning is the Chinese made Sunsetter motorized retractable XL model. I needed an awning that opened enough to block the late afternoon – early evening sun. The XL is about 16-inches longer when open, which almost covers my patio. The acrylic fabric isn’t as bright as the sample we were shown by the Sunsetter dealer, so it doesn’t match the patio colors as nicely. The representative showed us one fabric and then installed another. The biggest issue is that the fabric leaks water – a lot of water so we can’t even use it in a drizzle. The aluminum frame is enameled beige, not white, which doesn’t go with my white trim and soffits either. The motor opens and closes the awning, but makes a grinding noise when retracting. The lateral arms can be adjusted to change the pitch, but you’ll need help and more time than expected. Not even close to perfect, but we’ll live with it as it’s paid for. I swear I will never buy another product made in China.