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I ordered a motorized Sunsetter awning from a local supplier. After about 9 months the arms started to separate from the main awning frame. Sunsetter told me that they are not responsible as the dealer is “independent” and he installed it. Apparently, Sunsetter does not have vetted dealers that are trained and certified as I found out this guy is a local sanitation worker installing “on the side” for extra money. The woven fabric selections all seem to complement the beige aluminum frame, so don’t expect whites. My wife picked the Merlot color, her favorite wine too. Our deck is 24’x14’, so we picked the 20’x10’ model as Sunsetter does not offer a larger width than 20’. I would have liked the protective aluminum hood, but the cost was getting a bit much, especially when other awnings have it included. The remote operates from inside or out, which is good, as long as it doesn’t get misplaced as it is very small. The motor extends the fabric at a reasonable speed, however, it sounds loud when extending and retracting. I would have appreciated a canopy that covered the full 14-foot deck depth but Sunsetter does not offer it that large.