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Elijah Hanavi

My octogenarian parent purchased the Advaning L Series as a replacement for a manual model as she couldn’t operate the manual anymore. She said she liked the color and the prices were the best. My task was to install it so she could use her patio on sunny days. I was concerned with her deal, so I checked the reviews, and also checked out the manufacturer. The testimonials I read were on average “just ok”, and the Advaning had online manuals and an installation video, so I was better prepared and had the tools I’d need. However, the installation was difficult due to the design of the retractable awning and took the whole day. I’m glad it was a small awning, or I’d have to be Superman to lift it into place. Once everything was secure, and I’d plugged it in, the remote did not work so I had to request a replacement which has still not arrived from China even after 8 weeks of waiting. I’ll see if it will be able to withstand all weather issues we often experience in our area.