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Deborah Flores

We bought this retractable awning to cover our outdoor dining space at home, and at our cottage. It’s the 12’x10’ model, so it’s fairly portable. We’d read some reviews and checked the ratings before making our purchase. We liked that it was completely assembled, and all we needed to do was mount the brackets. The brackets weren’t really difficult to mount, finding the studs was a bit of a challenge though as we didn’t have a stud finder. Once installed into our wood framed house using lag bolts, turning the manual crank unrolled the fabric cover. Retracting the canopy took more effort, and you have to return the pitch to the normal placement if you adjust the angle. Since the awning is all self-contained and reasonably portable, we’d also bought an extra set of mounting brackets for the cottage. We plan to take it to the cottage for the 4 weeks we are there so that we can enjoy the shade both at home and at the cottage. Hopefully, everything is durable enough to withstand the moving back and forth although I don’t think it will be as the frame paint has already begun to peel and the fabric is discolored in several locations. Cheap, cheap stuff from Asia – Don’t recommend.