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Courtyard Bistro

Just opened Bistro with a small patio that is on the side of the building. The owner of the building asked if we would install an awning to cover that space. We checked around online and chose the Advaning awning. Really wanted something a DIY’er could do. The installation was a bit of a challenge as we struggled to get it lined up in the brackets. The color is not as advertised and in also, they only offered the awning in only 2 solid colors – not much of a choice. We should have requested fabric samples prior to making a purchase. This awning has been ok, in general, but it has not stood up to daily use as we would have hoped as it has begun to corrode and shake/rattle. That might be because it is a residential version that is not intended for a commercial space. We will never know as we won’t buy another Advaning product!