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Bob Taylor

Just finished assembly & install of two motorized Aleko Awnings, a 10’x8’ and 13’x10’.
I viewed YouTube and other links to gather info on install.
The product is a decent value, but the quality is way less than I normally insist on.
A part was defective so I called the Kent-WA office & they sent me a new one.
The 10’ was light enough for me to handle alone and install on a wood beam 8’ above ground. Motor was simple to adjust.
The 13’ was very heavy and the wall mount point was 14’ above ground. Once my fasteners were plumb, I was able to create a pulley system with ropes & two ladders to man-handle myself.
My only regret is that I should have spent more $ and purchased from . I didn’t find this review website until after my Aleko purchase 🙁