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Benjamin Butler

My wife and I just bought a new home, and the first improvement we agreed on was installing an awning over the deck to protect it from the sun. We checked the ratings and decided to go with the Advaning L Series, even though we did read some negative reviews from unhappy consumers. We liked the color choices and that it retracted into a metal cassette, and was advertised as easy to install which it was not! We ordered it from a local supplier, and it arrived fully assembled in a cheap cardboard box. The box was damaged, but thankfully the awning was not. It took us a day to plow through the instructions and mount the brackets, and the steel housing. There are two hubs for the crank to hook into, one extends or retracts the awning, and the other changes the pre-set pitch. The crank turns with a lot of effort – so much effort that it caused the crank to bend. Also, make sure you don’t allow the crank to bang you in the face. We tried the pitch adjustment, but I’m not sure we’ll use it much. The canopy covers the deck and the windows when extended, and we can now enjoy our outdoor space.