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Aniss Cherk

I spent a lot of time searching the web for an angled retractable awning that would offer shade and protection from the sun when needed. However, it had to be able to roll up and disappear to protect it from critters and the weather. After reading what felt like 1000 consumer reviews, I finally found what I wanted.
I was really pleased when I came across the venezia retractable awning. It retracts into a cassette which protects it from nesting birds, toads, squirrels and frogs, and other reptiles. The cassette also blends well with the 70-foot glass façade too. Online testimonials offer great advice and insight into the venezia model awning and why it has such a high rating.

I was able to order two side by side, butting 35-foot awnings which provide the 13-feet of projection I wanted. Each has its own motor and is made with only a single piece of fabric. The list of options and accessories is impressive too. I included the wind and rain sensors along with a timer; combined with the free app, I should be “covered”. Pun intended.

I recommend the Venezia model awning for your home or business. The Italian design, Italian high-quality components, and aluminum frame are lightweight but strong and durable. It also has an awesome 25-year warranty! It extends my indoor-outdoor space and is a great addition to my home.