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Retractable Awning Replacement Fabric


Some retractable awning owners worry about the awning fabric and its replacement, and that’s not entirely uncalled for. Even the best fabric brands like Para, Dickson and Sunbrella which have a 10-year warranty period, will eventually wear out or fade. 

That could happen for several reasons, but whatever the cause, a replacement is always an option.

Retractable Awning Replacement Fabric

Can you replace the fabric on a retractable awning?

Yes, you can replace the fabric on a retractable awning if it’s rotting, molding, mildewing or the color is fading. You can either seek professional help and pay for the service or try it yourself. If you have the time and equipment, it is possible to replace your awning fabric on your own.

Why do retractable awning fabrics wear out?

Improper maintenance

One of the most common reasons why an awning fabric wears out is improper maintenance. You’ll notice wear and tear sooner than later if you don’t follow the fabric brand’s guidelines and recommendations while using the retractable awning. 

A common mistake is leaving the cover extended in weather conditions that it cannot handle, such as heavy rain, snow or high-speed winds. Another is failing to clean the fabric or remove mold or rot at the recommended frequency. 

Natural wear and tear

Even the best solution-dyed acrylic fabrics with the longest warranty in the industry wear eventually. Taking care of the fabric certainly elongates its lifespan even after the warranty expires, but keep in mind that the fabric if left extended or partially extended is continuously exposed to harsh sunlight and other weather elements, which will inevitably affect its condition.

Retractable Awning Replacement Fabric

How can I replace the fabric on my awning?

If you choose a DIY method of retractable awning fabric replacement, there are a few steps to follow.

Remove the old fabric and take its measurements

To remove the old fabric, you’ll need to retract the awning back and remove the front bar’s screws and end covers. Remove and pull out the valance from one end.

The next and most important step to prevent bodily injury is to tie all of the frame arms securely with ropes to ensure the awning doesn’t move. Extend the awning’s fabric and start pulling it from above the front bar. See where the material is attached to your particular awning model (usually the roller tube) and unscrew so that you’re able to remove the retractable awning fabric altogether.

Should I cut the fabric to size?

You’ve taken all your measurements, and your newly ordered fabric has arrived at your house or business. There is no need to cut the new fabric to size as it should be the exact same width and projection as the original fabric. The original projection should have included an additional 12” (30.48cm) to allow for the additional fabric to roll around the roller tube.

Sewing panels

To get the final and complete width of fabric, your vendor of choice will have sewn all the panels. If the material has prints or stripes, your vendor should ensure that the pattern stays unchanged at the attachment points and at both ends of the entire fabric width. 

The fabric panels are usually somewhere between 46” (116.84cm) and 60” (152.40cm) in width and should be sewn together using PTFE Tenara brand sewing thread – the best by far in the awning and marine industry.

Hemming edges

Fold over one of the edges (width) and make a single 2″ hem. Retake the width measurement to evaluate any shrinking and proceed to the other edge’s hem.

Measuring and cutting valance

Mark three lines (3″ apart) across the width of the fabric at its bottom end where the midline is your cutting line and separates the main cover from the valance. 

The upper 3″ you’ll use for the main body’s hem, whereas the bottom 3″ you’ll use for the valance’s hem. Mark your valance edges and cut across all lines with a hot knife.

Sewing sleeves for cording

Make sewing sleeves for cording at the edges of the length of the fabric piece. You can use the cording from your previous retractable awning cover.

Attaching binding to valance with a binder or without a binder

Your vendor should attach the binding/trim/piping to the valance with PTFE Tenara thread. 

Reinstalling the new fabric on the frame

Now that you have your new fabric, it’s time to attach it to your existing frame structure. Simply follow the steps of removing your old material in reverse order and remember it is critical to keep the arms securely tied with ropes until the fabric is fully attached to both the front bar and the roller tube. Doing so will prevent bodily harm from the spring-tensioned lateral arms.

Retractable Awning Replacement Fabric

How do I measure awning fabric for replacement?

Taking measurements for your replacement awning is not that difficult. 

After removing your old fabric:

  • Put it on the ground or if not removing the retractable awning fabric fully extend the awning.
  • Put the valance next to it. 

First, if not removed from the awning, take the projection measurement from the roller tube to the front bar and add 12” (30.48cm) to that dimension. If removed from the awning simply measure the full projection of the fabric. Then, move to the width by carefully measuring the material cover across its entire width. This dimension is the same regardless of whether or not the fabric is on the roller tube or on the ground. Remember to write each size down, so you don’t have to start all over. 


How to find a retractable awning replacement fabric company?

You can search online if there are any local contractors in your area that would replace your retractable awning fabric for you or if you are comfortable removing and replacing the fabric yourself you can contact any vendor online.

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