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How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost

How Much Do Retractable Awnings Cost

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How much will a retractable awning cost, and what affects the price? Here are the answers!

In the following blog post you will learn:

You’ll also find out how a retractable awning can enhance and improve your outdoor living space. I will assist homeowners and business owners with their purchase decision of a retractable awning.

A retractable awning is a great addition to your home or business. While manual retractable awnings may cost several hundred dollars, a custom motorized awning with sensors can require an investment of $3,000 to $5,000. Not only do the options and model type add to the cost of awnings, the size does too.

Retractable Awning Cost By Type

Awning Price by Type

Type Cost
Portable $250 – $2600
Freestanding $900 – Up
Attached $150 -$400
Retractable Screen $350 – $900

Researching retractable awnings is like comparing apples to watermelons (forget the oranges). The cost comparison should be for similar products by different companies. You may like the big box store price, but check out the manufacturer of the retractable awning, the type of arms (stainless steel chain or strap or steel cable – stay away from cable), warranty detail including proration, and reviews. Check out specifically what the price includes. Do complete and thorough research once you know what you want.

Portable Awnings

Portable awnings like an “A” frame style will usually cost less than other freestanding styles but usually aren’t motorized. Bali Essentials’ manual awnings range between $250 and $2650. and Sunsetter have one for $1595. Advancing sells at $1200, and Sunesta $1600. Awntech, Americana, ALEKO and Beautymark range from $250 to $2500.

Freestanding Awnings

Are permanent structures on patios or decks with a manual or motorized retractable canopy. Some companies price the retractable top separate from the support frame, some price by linear foot, others by square foot. For the retractable top ONLY, prices begin around $900 with SunSetter,, Awntech, and Americana. Pricing varies based on the size of the structure, the frame type and model selected, options and accessories chosen and can pass $10,000 to $15,000.

Attached Retractable Awnings

Attached means attached to a structure – house or commercial building for example. They can be simple window awnings that extend or retract to cover a window or door, or are permanent outdoor rooms with retractable ceilings a/k/a retractable roofs attached to the building. ALEKO starts at $150 for a single window awning, while Sunsetter, Sunesta begin around $400. Most have elaborate models that run past $10,000.

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are vertical awnings that extend or retract manually or with a motor. Prices are based on type, size, material, and operation type – manual or motor. Most range from $350 to $900 depending on materials and operation type for the same size opening. However, to outfit all the openings of your outdoor living space can range from $1,000 to $10,000 plus for a large patio.

What A Retractable Awning Price Depends On

  • Frame – It supports the canopy or cover, the more elaborate, the more expensive.
  • Size – The larger the frame and canopy are, the greater the awning cost.
  • Canopy Fabric – The material that extends or retracts. It’s fabricated from canvas, PVC, polyester, acrylic, solution dyed acrylic. It can be water resistant, UV protected, or sun-reducing mesh. Colors and patterns can affect the cost. Awning prices increase based on your canopy choices.
  • Cover Housing – The hood or cover is the optional housing retractable awnings retract into to protect. Available as an option on most brands, it is sure to add to the cost.
  • Screens – Screens are panels that raise or lower from the front bar and act as shades. Including these will increase shade and privacy, and the project cost too. Most vendors don’t offer screens due to the additional cost as additional shade and/or privacy can be accomplished by simply ordering a longer valance and/or increasing the pitch/angle of the arms to 60-70 degrees.
  • Freestanding – Not attached to another structure but instead attached to a rigid metal frame(steel or aluminum). Although permanent, they can be placed almost anywhere. Size, style and material affect the patio awning cost.
  • Wall, Soffit/Eave, Beam or Roof Mounts – Permanently fixed or mounted to a structure. The awning installation cost varies depending on what the company may need to do to attach the awning.
  • Mechanism Type – Models are spring loaded, and supported by articulated arms or telescopic gas filled arms. The type of operation affects the prices of awnings.
  • Manual vs. Motor – Manual means a detachable hand-turned crank, and you may need help opening or closing the retractable awning. A motor uses 110 volt (AC) or 220 volt (AC) to extend or retract the awning. However, there are pros to having a motor, including sensors, timers, key switches and smartphone & tablet apps to open/close and set timers.
  • Sensors and Timers – Use a sun sensor or timer to open and close the awning. Rain sensors open the awning to protect furnishings or close the awning if the installation/mounting height is too low (a ranch style house for example), therefore preventing puddling/pooling of water on the fabric. A wind sensor or motion sensor will close the awning in strong winds to protect your investment.
  • Android or iOS App support – Motorized awnings can be operated from anywhere using a specialized app.
  • Warranty – Warranties on framework vary from one year to 25 years and can be prorated or not prorated, while the canopy can have no warranty (polyester for example) and up to 10 years (solution dyed acrylic such as Para Tempotest) depending on the manufacturer. Motor and control warranties are generally 1-5 years with Somfy being the largest in the world and offering a 5 year warranty. Heat sealing or sewing thread warranties can range from 1 year to limited lifetime with Goretex Tenara being the best in the business offering a lifetime limited warranty.

Average Awning Installation Cost

Product and Installation Prices by Size

Typical Size Purpose Total Cost
31 in x 24 in door/window $200 – $500
44 in x 36 in door/window $240 – $500
8 ft x 210 ft patio/deck $250 – $2000
10 ft x 10 ft patio/deck $300 – $2500

The cost of installation is influenced by materials, size of the project, surface/substrate to which the awning is being attached, freestanding or fixed, location (cost of living) plus distance traveled. A simple window awning attached to your wall will cost less to install than a 16-foot by 30-foot pergola into concrete footings with electrical and permits. The average retractable awning installation cost is usually between $400 and $700, but the range is $100 to a little over $1000.

Summing Things Up

Retractable Awning Costs

Retractable Awning Basic Better Best
Material Prices $275 – $290 $315 – $330 $350 – $375
Installation Costs $125 – $135 $150 – $165 $180 – $200
Total $400 – $425 $465 – $495 $530 – $575
Total Average Cost /sq. ft. $4.13 $4.80 $5.53

A retractable awning can greatly enhance the outdoor space of your home or business. In this post I tried to help you understand what affects the price for a retractable. Once you’ve decided on what you want, read the reviews, check out the manufacturer, and review the warranty.