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Retractable Camper Awning


Campers are a great way to unwind in nature and are a preferred option by many families and travelers. They give you the comfort of your home and the adventure of a lifetime. In today’s article, you can find out why a retractable camper awning will benefit your vehicle and your journey. 

Retractable Camper Awning

What is a retractable camper awning?

A retractable camper awning is an awning that you can mount to your camper van and extend to create shade or retract back into its original position when not in use. Depending on the vendor, there are various models you can choose from.


RV awnings allow you to camp comfortably anywhere you want because we know too well that not all parking spots are shady. They protect you and your family from the sun and light rain. They are like RV patio awnings attached to your camper and create a nice area where you can relax and enjoy a meal on a hot day.

Since they are usually custom-made, camper awnings are designed to fit perfectly with your RV camper’s width. When you decide it’s time for a new destination, you can effortlessly retract the fabric into its cassette or under a hood/cover and hit the road.

Variety of models

You can purchase an RV awning of your choice as your options are unlimited, including hundreds of fabric colors to match your camper. You can also choose from different solution-dyed acrylic tweeds, stripes and patterns.

There are manual and motorized options available, as for a moving vehicle I’d advise purchasing an electric model. If your RV retractable awning has an electric motor, you can quickly extend or retract it if there’s a sudden change in weather conditions but most importantly always remove the plug from the outlet so that there is no way the awning motor can extend the awning when the vehicle is moving. 

Retractable Camper Awning

What materials are they made of?

Retractable RV awnings consist of a frame, fabric and a retracting mechanism. I advise you to choose high-quality production materials for these three key components.


If you want a lightweight and long-lasting awning for your camper, I strongly recommend investing in a model with a 6063 aluminum frame. 


You can see many different retractable awning models for RVs online, each with a different type of cover. While PVC can protect you on a light rainy day, it will need to be replaced soon, especially if you use it frequently.

On the other hand, solution-dyed acrylic fabrics have supreme light rain, sun and UV protection and breathable qualities and can last for at least ten years if purchased from a reliable manufacturer like Para.

Retracting mechanism

Non-rusting 316 stainless steel is the material of choice for components of the retracting mechanism, including chains, bolts, fasteners etc.

Are they durable enough?

If you purchase your RV awning from a reliable manufacturer with acquired certifications and high-quality products, the product can last you a lifetime. Of course, proper maintenance is crucial to the longevity of the awning.

Can you install them yourself?

DIY projects are possible if you are handy and there is a thorough understanding of the manual. I don’t suggest you use professional services for the installation if you are handy or have a contractor that can install it. Some vendors will require an authorized installer if you want to take advantage of the available warranty.  The vehicle will be in motion, so proper mounting and using the correct fastener type and size are crucial for safety regardless of who completes the installation. 

Retractable Camper Awning

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How to find a retractable camper awning company?

You can find various retractable camper awning models online. As for choosing the right company, visit the rest of my website and look at different vendors and reviews for their products to select the right one for you.

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