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The 7 Best Retractable Awnings For 2023

Best retractable awnings in 2023 by Retractable Awnings Reviews

Residential and business retractable patio awnings have grown in demand in the USA over the past few years. People have been looking for ways to create new and cool zones in their homes or commercial spaces in the hot summer months. Air conditioning is a great way to control the temperature inside your home, but its constant use contributes to higher energy bills. 

Another thing to consider is the outdoor space you have. Do you own a house with a large backyard or a deck? Do you want to cover doors, patio or balcony to create pleasant outdoor living conditions? Do you want to enjoy the fresh air outside, but it is too hot?

Well, motorized or manual awnings are the answer you’ve been looking for. Today, you can look at thousands of models online and have them delivered straight to your door, and the choice is much more complicated.

Retractable Awnings

Best Retractable Awnings in 2023

All of the above is why I researched thoroughly and selected the seven best outdoor awnings you can buy in 2023. I chose the best retractable patio awning brands based on mechanical qualities, production materials, product durability (European engineering certifications) warranties, and UV protection qualities. 

Below are the best patio awnings models, listed in order, according to Retractable Awnings Reviews. Overall, is the best retractable awning company, as they have the top 4 best reviews.

Here are the rest :

  1. – Palermo Plus
  2. – Venezia
  3. – Roma
  4. Retractable – Palermo
  5. Shadetree Canopies – Svet
  6. Eclipse – Prestige
  7. Shadetree Canopies – Shan
Palermo Plus

Mechanical – Palermo Plus

Palermo Plus is a retractable lateral awning model offered by The model provides a 13’2″ projection and up to 52’6″ in width using one piece of fabric and one motor! You can easily adjust the pitch using bubble levels on the front bar and a detachable crank anywhere between 0° (flat) to 70°. 

Palermo Plus comes with integrated Somfy or Simu electric tubular radio motors. They can be hard-wired or plugged into a standard 110 GFI outlet and are available with a manual override in case of loss of electricity in your house, building or neighborhood. 

The installation process is relatively simple, and you can mount this model on a wall, fascia, roof (12″ or 16″ or 24″ brackets), beam, exposed rafter or a soffit/ceiling/overhang/ eave. 

You can upgrade and customize it with additional wall switches, remote controls, a mobile app, wind and motion sensors, rain and sun sensors, timers, heaters, LED lights, spotlights etc. 

RetractableAwnings -Venezia – Venezia

Venezia is another lateral awning model offered by This is a full cassette model (fully enclosed); its maximum width is 39’4″, and its maximum projection is 13’2″. You can adjust the pitch to any point you wish, from 0° (flat) to 40°.

This motorized retractable awning operates thanks to Simu or Somfy (torsion sensing motor where available) hard-wired or plug-in electric radio motors with an optional manual override. You can install the Venezia model on roofs (with 10″ brackets), walls, beams, fascias, soffits/ceilings/overhangs/ eaves. 

You can add an optional smartphone and tablet control system and add sun, rain, wind (anemometer), motion sensors, heaters, LED lights, timers, and more.

RetractableAwnings - Roma – Roma

Like all products from, the Roma model comes custom-made, with a maximum width of 39’4″ and a maximum projection of 16′ (largest in the world). You can adjust the pitch of this model anywhere between 0° to 45°. 

The model comes in manual and motorized versions. You can choose if you want to use a detachable hand crank or an electric motor by Simu or Somfy. You can mount the awning on a roof (12″, 16.” and 24″ brackets) or on walls, soffits/eaves/overhangs/ceilings, fascias and beams. 

Optional accessories include wind, motion, rain and sun sensors, remote control, wall switch, app control via a smartphone or tablet using iOS or Android, LED lights, heaters, etc.

RetractableAwnings-Palermo – Palermo

Palermo is the first version of the enormous Palermo Plus. Although very similar in construction, production materials and features, the models have some differences that might affect the final choice of a buyer. 

The Palermo retractable lateral awning extends up to 11’10” while its width can reach the width of the Plus model – 52’6″. These are the maximum dimensions, given that you use a single fabric and a single motor. Of course, more material and more motors mean a larger size is possible. However, the price will differ.

What is truly fascinating about this structure is that the manufacturer can create an awning with a projection equal to or larger than the width. That means you can get a unique awning form that stands out from the crowd.

You can choose either from a Somfy or Simu hard-wired or plug-in electric radio motors. In case of a power outage, you can continue to use the awning, as it comes with a backup manual override. Without limitation in mounting options, you can adjust the awning’s pitch throughout the range of 0° and 50°

Customers can further customize their Palermo model by purchasing any of the following additional accessories:

  • LED or halogen lights
  • Removable front bar telescopic pole
  • Heaters and weather sensors
  • Wall switches, remote controls, timers and group controls
  • Keypads and key boxes

Shadetree Canopies – Svet

The Svet model Shadetree Canopies offers is a retractable roll arm awning with a maximum projection of 13’8″ and a maximum width of 23′. You can adjust the pitch of the canopy up to 65°.

You can purchase the model as a motorized or manual retractable awning and mount it on a wall, roof or an eave. If you wish, you can order additional “mood lighting” offered by ShadeTree.

Eclipse – Prestige

The Prestige is a roll-up awning model offered by Eclipse with a maximum width of 22′ and a maximum projection of up to 13′. You can add an optional motorized drop-shade (not needed if a long valance is used instead) up to 3′ for widths up to 19′. Anything larger in width is not available with a drop valance.

This type of automatic retractable awnings model uses Somfy electronics and a motor with a manual override. You can mount the awning on roofs, eaves, soffits and walls. You can upgrade this model by purchasing accessories such as wind, motion or sun sensors or adding a phone/tablet radio controller.

Shadetree Canopies – Shan

Shan is a full cassette model that comes only in a motorized version, as Shadetree doesn’t sell manual awnings from this version. Its maximum dimensions are 23′ in width and 13’16” in projection length. You can adjust the pitch of the Shan model to achieve almost a flat top (3°) or anywhere up to its limited 40° range.

Unfortunately, the mounting options for Shan are pretty different from the rest of the models mentioned here. You can install the awning only on a wall, so it’s unsuitable for roof mounting in case you need extra overhead space.

Material – Palermo Plus

The Palermo Plus model is made only of top-quality production materials. The frame is non-rusting 6063 lightweight aluminum, additionally powder-coated with Qualicoat® brand powder coating. 

The lateral spring-loaded arms are Italian, and their attached chains are non-rusting stainless steel from the German Flexon® brand. The attachment brackets are also 6063 aluminum with rust-proof powder coating. All components are 316 marine-grade, non-corroding stainless steel.

You can purchase the Palermo Plus with Para Tempotest, Dickson, Recasens or Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic awning fabrics. uses the reliable lifetime warrantied Gore™ Tenara® sewing thread engineered and designed in Germany for this retractable motorized awning model.


Awnings – Venezia

This model’s frame and brackets are rust-proof 6063 aluminum, powder-coated with Qualicoat® powder coating. German Flexon® brand stainless steel makes the lateral arm chains extra sturdy and assures that the chains will not rust. All assembly components are 316 marine-grade, non-corroding stainless steel.

The Venezia cover is entirely made of solution-dyed acrylic water-resistant fabrics, as they are treated with PU waterproof coating. You can choose from 4 different fabric brands, including Para Tempotest, Recasens, Sunbrella and Dickson. The long-lasting sewing thread with a lifetime warranty against seam separation is Gore™ Tenara®, developed in Germany.

Prestige – Roma

Like other models offered by, the Roma metal frame and brackets are manufactured using 6063 Qualicoat® powder-coated aluminum. The chains are non-rusting German Flexon® brand stainless steel. All components are 316 marine-grade, rustproof stainless steel.

The Roma model comes in solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, sewn with Gore™ Tenara® sewing thread from Germany. You can choose from 4 different fabric brands – Para Tempotest, Dickson, Recasens and Sunbrella. – Palermo

It is no surprise that the Palermo model is manufactured with top-quality production materials, a classic signature for the retractable patio awnings offered by 

They use the sturdiest non-rusting 6063 aluminum as a frame material and powder-coated aluminum for the mounting brackets. The additional strength in the spring-loaded arms is achieved through German-class stainless steel chains.

As for Palermo’s canopy, offers a variety of solution-dyed acrylic options, including fabrics from top brands such as Para Tempotest, Dickson and Sunbrella. You can choose from hundreds of solid and striped colors and textures.

Shadetree Canopies – Svet

Production materials for the Svet retractable awning model include extruded aluminum with powder coating for the extrusions and fiberglass-reinforced resin for the mounting hardware. You can choose the awning fabric from 4 different fabric brands, including Recacril, Sunbrella, Para Tempotest or AirFlow MESH fabric.

Eclipse – Prestige

Eclipse uses ABT arms and forged cast components for its Prestige model. You can order the model with only one fabric brand available as an option. Eclipse partners with Sunbrella and uses Tenara thread to deliver 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for their awnings.


Shadetree Canopies – Shan

Shadetree Canopies used powder-coated extruded aluminum for their Shan model and Italian-certified stainless steel screws to avoid rusting. They included an URBAN arm with DATSystem and fiberglass-reinforced resin for the hardware.

As for the most prominent part of the awning – the fabric, you can select a fabric brand of your choice – Recacril, Sunbrella, Para Tempotest or AirFlow MESH fabric. ShadeLab offers four color options to choose from for the frame – White Sablè, Ivory Sablè, Grey Metal Sablè and Graphite Sablè.

Durability – Palermo Plus offers one of the most extended fabric warranties at ten years and the non-prorated frame warranty in the industry – 25 years for the Palermo Plus model. They use non-rusting 6063 aluminum for the frame and brackets, commercial-grade German Flexon® brand stainless steel for the chains and certified fabric brands with nothing from China. 

All the components come from Europe and are fully assembled in their production facility in Miami. Maybe you ask yourself, “Can retractable awnings withstand wind?”. Well, this particular model meets wind resistance Beaufort scale class 5. In addition, it’s European CE Certified (UN IEN 13561) and German TÜV Product Approved. – Venezia

The vendor guarantees the awning’s durability as the Venezia model offers a 10-year fabric and 25-year non-prorated frame warranty. The production components are all European and shipped to Miami, Florida, where they are assembled into ready-to-install retractable awnings. 

This model is German TÜV Product Approved, European CE Certified – UN IEN 13561 and has Wind Resistance Beaufort Scale Class 4.

Roma – Roma

The Roma model comes with a 25-year non-prorated frame and a 10-year fabric warranty. If you wish, add a powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum hood to your purchase to additionally protect the retractable awning from the elements (soffit/eave/overhang mount excluded). 

The product is German TÜV Product Approved, European CE Certified – UN IEN 13561 with a wind resistance Beaufort scale class 4. All production materials are designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe with fabrication/assembly in Miami, Florida, USA. – Palermo

You can rest assured that you purchased a quality product as Palermo’s powder-coated aluminum frame comes with a non-prorated warranty for 25 years, and its fade-resistant fabrics with a 10-year warranty. The product is approved by the German TÜV and certified by the European CE standard UNI EN 13561.

All components used to assemble the Palermo retractable patio awning are manufactured in Europe. As for wind resistance, the model’s been tested according to the Beaufort Scale and meets class 5 wind resistance

Shadetree Canopies – Svet

You can purchase the awning with an additional protective hood if you choose to. The Svet model comes with a 3-year warranty on system hardware and a 10-year warranty on fabrics.

Eclipse – Prestige

Suppose you purchase the motorized patio retractable awning Prestige. In that case, you get a limited lifetime warranty on the sturdy frame, a 10-year warranty on Sunbrella fabrics and an 8-year warranty on electronics and motors. The awning’s Beaufort Scale rating is 6.

Shadetree Canopies – Shan

The Shan automatic or manual awning model comes with a 10-year warranty on fabrics and a 3-year warranty on system hardware. It’s certified by the TÜV Rheinland and includes Italian-certified stainless steel mounting screws.

Although the product hasn’t been tested according to the Beaufort Scale, ShadeLab state that it meets wind resistance class 2 according to EN 13561.

UV-rays and sun protection

All seven models listed above use solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, and the Svet and Shan models can also come in mesh fabrics. Solution-dyed acrylics have excellent UV protection qualities and are highly recommended for shade. 

Because the material is solution-dyed, the colors will not fade for a long time and will stay bright. This type of fabric also reflects sunlight and is UV resistant and therefore is very beneficial for protecting your skin from unpleasant reactions from sun exposure.

On the other hand, mesh fabrics are made from PVC-coated mesh. They are a more affordable solution but do not block all sunlight and UV rays. Since they do not have as good UV qualities as the solution-dyed acrylics, they tend to fade, tear more easily and wear over time.

Roma Retractable Awning


Below, you can find a table comparing the seven best retractable awnings for 2023 regarding their size, motors, fabrics and warranty. The Palermo Plus offers the largest possible combination of width and projection out of the 5, while Prestige is the smallest. 

Models by can use two different electric motors – Simu and Somfy and four different fabric brands, giving their clients a wide range of options. Prestige offers a limited lifetime frame warranty and the smallest awning size. 

All models use solution-dyed acrylics, but with Svet, you can also choose mesh fabric. As of today’s date, there isn’t any official information about Svet’s and Shan’s motors and frame warranties.


Max. Width Max. Projection Motor Fabric Fabric brands Frame Warranty Fabric Warranty
Palermo Plus 52’6″ 13’2″ Somfy/Simu Solution-dyed acrylics Para Tempotest Sunbrella Dickson Recasens 25 years (not prorated) 10 years
Venezia 39’4″ 13’2″ Somfy/Simu Solution-dyed acrylics Para Tempotest Sunbrella Dickson Recasens 25 years (not prorated) 10 years
Palermo 52’6″ 11’10” Somfy/Simu Solution-dyed acrylics Para Tempotest Sunbrella Dickson Recasens 25 years (not prorated) 10 years
Roma 39’4″ 16′ Somfy/Simu Solution-dyed acrylics Para Tempotest Sunbrella Dickson Recasens 25 years (not prorated) 10 years
Svet 23′ 13’8″ Not mentioned Solution-dyed acrylics;  mesh fabrics Para Tempotest Recacril Sunbrella AirFlow MESH Not mentioned 10 years
Prestige 22′ 13′ Somfy Solution-dyed acrylics Sunbrella Limited lifetime 10 years
Shan 23′ 13’6″ Not mentioned Solution-dyed acrylics Tempotest fabric standard Not mentioned 10 years