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How Much Does Cleaning an Awning Cost?

How Much Does Cleaning an Awning Cost?

Awnings provide shade for windows, patios, and decks. They add to a buildings charm and advertise businesses. Proper care and maintenance of the fabric will extend its life and use.

In the following blog we’ll discuss:

Additionally, we’ll look at the benefits of cleaning permanent, retractable, and RV fabrics.

This review will be beneficial to homeowners and business operators trying to determine how to maintain and clean their awnings and protect their investment.


Clean awning fabric makes an awning look new again. How much cleaning an awning costs will depend upon the awning frame or mechanism, its size, and location on a building. Some canopies have to be cleaned in place, and other fabrics can be removed for cleaning. Models secured beyond the reach of a ladder may require permits and special equipment.

Awnings shade and protect property from the sun, rain, and even wind driven precipitation. Some products are more durable than others, and resistant to dirt and discoloration.

Acrylic, PVC and polyester are the materials most often used for outdoor awning installations. If the color isn’t as bright, or the pigeons are using it for splatter art, check to see if professional cleaning is available in your area.

Awning owners may choose to have them taken down during cold or wet seasons for protection, and have them cleaned when the covering isn’t necessary. Other owners may decide to have them cleaned more frequently. Most awning types are cleaned and serviced at the home or business location, although there are occasions when it must be taken elsewhere for care and cleaning.

Why is Awning Cleaning Necessary?

Keeping an awning clean protects the fabric, its colors, and extends its life and use. Whether on a business or on a home, a clean canopy is more attractive than one in need of a scrubbing. Rain may remove some dust naturally, but it also pushes dirt into the fibers. Cleaning your window, door, and patio covers will protect your investment and extend their life.

  • Awning fabric is exposed to the elements, the dust, and dirt of both the natural and human world.
  • Airborne dust, pollutants, roof tar, tree sap and pollens can damage the fabric and also encourage the growth of mold. They can make the color look drab and awnings dirty.
  • Bird droppings are also a concern, as they can bleach the color and weaken the fabric too.
  • The undersides of awnings are also at risk of discoloration and damage from vehicle and building exhausts.

Many fabrics require different treatments to remove oily and greasy residue, and lift dirt and pollen out of the fibers. The service often includes reapplying waterproof sealants and UV treatments to further protect the fabric. Cleaning retractable awnings includes cleaning the aluminum parts and the canvas

Unfortunately, some stains are permanent, as are some paint drips and some rust marks from steel frames or building parts. Additionally, some material is too old or damaged to be cleaned.

What should be Included? 

The care and maintenance of most home awnings should include cleaning the canvas at least once a year. Business or commercial units often require cleaning more frequently. It actually depends on the location and amount of use. Some may require a wash several times a year, and others monthly. Regular cleaning won’t damage the awning. However, it may identify loose stitching or other damage that can be repaired. Make sure the cleaner protects electrical awning mechanisms too.

Cleaning an awning cost should include a check of the awning and fabric condition. Stains, discoloration, damaged areas, and other issues are identified. An estimate is presented for approval based on concerns identified and square footage to be cleaned.

The process usually begins with a brushing of the canopy to remove or loosen dirt. Washing usually starts at the lower end and moves upward; rinsing goes from the top and moves downward. Cleaning the underside is done in the same way. The patio or sidewalk under the awning is rinsed off too.

Cleaning an awning is often done with a hose. Water with a mild eco-friendly detergent will clean most dirt and grime out of polyester or acrylic. Hard scrubbing or hard spray such as the use of a pressure washer will most likely damage and reduce the life of the fabric or plastic.

Most synthetic and natural fabrics are damaged by the sun’s UV rays and not by cleaning. For an additional fee, some professional cleaners offer to apply UV and waterproofing sealants. Cleaning windows sprayed during the cleaning process is included by some, and a fee by others; always check to see what is included. 

Costs of Awning Cleaning 

Awning cleaning prices depend on the services provided, the location of the awnings on the building, the canvas size and number, type of material, and what city the awning is in (cost of living). A privacy awning may have a different charge compared to a retractable or permanent unit due to the ease of access.

The price is usually between $0.25 and $2.00 a square foot and some professionals may also have a minimum charge. Cleaning the underside is an additional charge per square foot too. The underside may also be more expensive than the top to clean. Many offer a discount based on the number of awnings, and how often they are cleaned.

Good cleaners will provide estimates for services requested, plus costs for additional options.

Different cleaning products may be offered for different fees. The soap used for cotton and solid plastic or acrylic is less expensive than that used for the synthetic weave materials. When reapplying UV it is usually done after the unit is clean, and may be applied with a roller or sprayer. If you want specific cleaning solutions, the cost may be higher.

Check with the cleaning service to see what brands they normally use, and if they have others available. Additionally, different products should be used for cotton, acrylic, polyester, or plastic materials/PVC.

Costs of Awning Cleaning

Fabric Type Natural Acrylic Polyester Plastic
Top Side $1/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $1/square foot
Underside $1/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $1/square foot
Size $1/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $0.5 – $2/square foot $1/square foot
Extra Soap Cost (depending on the fabric type) + $1 to $5 per unit + $1 to $5 per unit
Height off Ground 10% cost per floor increase
UV Protection Reapplying $10/unit $10/unit $10/unit $15/unit


Professional awning cleaning may seem expensive, but a properly maintained awning will last longer and look better on your home or business. The value is also in the time saved doing it yourself, and paying to replace and install a new model. If you are looking for the best awning model for your home or business check our website for more reviews to help you make the right choice.