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Ways to deal with the heat and harmful UV rays by Retractable Awnings Reviews

Best retractable awning for sun

Summer is here, and so is the blasting sun, unbearable heat and burnt backs and shoulders. Homeowners and business owners who didn’t complete timely precautions during the spring might now be thinking of a way to deal with the heat and harmful UV rays without hiding in dark rooms with air conditioning.

Sun retractable awnings are some of the better alternatives for people researching ways to expand their outdoor living space and be capable of using it even during the hottest parts of the day. They are semi-permanent structures that allow outstanding functionality, protection and style simultaneously. 

Best retractable awning for sun

You won’t need to worry about permits or building contractors. Instead, just measure your available space, choose the best retractable awning company and the best awning for a sunny patio, and you will have the cool and shady area you need for your friends, family or clients.

But how to choose the best patio awning? Retractable Awnings Reviews is a website that offers you a quick and easy way to compare models and companies and choose the best outdoor awnings for your residence or business.

Models and brands

How did I review the models?

I conducted thorough research between hundreds of models from some of the best retractable awning brands to find the best retractable awning for the sun. The criteria included the models’ characteristics, including fabric, frames and other components, color options, width and projection, price, certifications and more. 

I also considered the reviews from customers who shared their opinions about their products and the companies they ordered them from on my website. 

Best retractable awning for sun

Who is the winner?

Overall, the undeniable leader stays with 4 of the best retractable patio awnings for the sun. The vendor uses top-quality certified materials from Europe and USA and offers hundreds of styling options to fit any taste and exterior design. 

They offer the widest variety of mounting options, different cassette types, and manual and motorized models. Various widths and projections are available, making it worth investing in one of their top folding arm awnings.

Like for example :

  • – Roma
  • – Venezia
  • – Palermo
  • – Palermo Plus

Who didn’t make it?

Although Corradi and ShadeTree are certainly in the top 5 of the best awning companies, and some of their models deserve our attention, they failed to offer the diversity offers when it comes to retractable awnings for the sun. 

These retractable awning brands offered only one operational mechanism or fewer color and mounting options. Some of them also do not state the origin of their production materials and lack certifications proving their quality. 

Best retractable awning for sun


I will compare the four retractable awning models by based on their characteristics, including fabric, frame and mounting options, with one no less important than the other. 

However, when talking about sun protection, the fabric is of paramount importance, as it is the key element that provides shade and protects people, furniture and pets from heat and harmful UV rays.


The fabric is a crucial element of a retractable sun awning. Its job is multifaceted and includes heat and light regulation, visual protection, UV protection, energy saving, style and design, durability and UV resistance and improving privacy. 

Depending on the material and the post-treatment processes, the fabric can be water resistant and handle light rain weather conditions. offers three different fabric brands for all of their retractable awning models and uses the UV-resistant Goretex Tenara Thread, which has a lifetime warranty against seam separation. These fabric brands are some of the best in the industry and are  the highest quality solution-dyed acrylics. 

Like for example :

  • Para (10 year warranty)
  • Dickson (10 year warranty)
  • Sunbrella (10 year warranty)

Best retractable awning for sun

Fabric features

The fabric brands that uses for their models are Para, Dickson and Sunbrella. All of those are solution-dyed acrylic fabrics with a 10-year warranty period. They are quick-drying and resistant to mold and stains. The acrylics are vibrant, and the color is well seen on both sides.

Colors and styles

All of the models, Roma, Venezia, Palermo and Palermo Plus, come in a variety of solid colors, stripes, tweeds and patterns, all of which count up to over 500 options. The vendor offers their customers proprietary  3D rendering techniques to visualize the design according to their house or building and make the right choice for their individual needs.

Each model, except for Venezia, comes with a standard valance size of 8″ and is available up to 12″ for better early morning or late afternoon sun protection at no additional charge. You can choose from 6 different valance styles and various trim/binding/piping colors.

 RomaVeneziaPalermoPalermo Plus
ValanceYesN/A YesYes

*Table 1: Fabric and valance

Best retractable awning for sun


The models Roma, Venezia, Palermo and Palermo Plus by have strong yet light, sturdy 6063 aluminum frames and 316 stainless steel components. They come in 4 Qualicoat® electrostatically powder-coated colors – white, sand, black and bronze (brown), suitable for any design and fabric style. 

100% of the production materials originate from European manufacturers (Italy) and are TÜV product approved and CE certified. 

Mounting options

You can mount each model on various building surfaces, including walls, roofs, fascias, beams, rafters and soffits/eaves/overhangs. The vendor will send you the appropriate attachment brackets when you order a specific model with a preferred installation method.

Operational mechanism offers the best awnings for decks and patios, which come in manual and motorized versions. You can choose the operational mechanism depending on the awning’s size (width and projection). 

The larger the awning, the heavier it would be to extend and retract. All motorized retractable awnings come with an optional manual override which you can use during a power outage.

 RomaVeneziaPalermoPalermo Plus
Motorized with manual overrideYesYesYesYes

*Table 2: Operational mechanism


All models by are TÜV and CE certified and have a Beaufort Wind Force Scale Rating. TÜV is a European (German) manufacturing testing standard, while the CE (Conformité Européenne) marking concerns meeting specific EU regulatory requirements. The Beaufort Wind Force Scale Rating refers to the awning’s ability to withstand specific wind speeds.

Beaufort rating :

  • Roma – 3
  • Venezia – 4
  • Palermo – 5
  • Palermo Plus – 5


While the models naturally have some similarities since the same manufacturer and vendor produce them, they also have some differences that make them distinct and suitable for different purposes, spaces and budgets. Except for the valance and the Beaufort rating, which I already mentioned above, some other differences are worth considering.


The sizes are : 

  • Largest width – Palermo and Palermo Plus
  • Longest projection – Roma
  • Shortest projection – Palermo, Palermo Plus and Venezia
 RomaVeneziaPalermoPalermo Plus
Max. Width39’4”39’4”52’6”52’6”
Max. Projection16’0”13’2”11’10”13’2”

*Table 3: Width and projection

Best retractable awning for sun


Naturally, the price for each model differs. According to, their pricing is provided in 1-foot increments, and customers can customize their awning’s width size to as little as ⅛ of an inch.

 RomaVeneziaPalermoPalermo Plus
Price Range as of October 2021$6,984 – $15,459$6,120 – $15,594$2,479 – $11,779$2,592 – $13,207

*Table 4: Price range

Other differences

Other differences worth considering include the cassette type, the hood and the pitch of each model. Each of those features is listed in the table below.

 RomaVeneziaPalermoPalermo Plus
Cassette TypeNon-enclosedFully enclosedNon-enclosedNon-enclosed

*Table 5: Cassette type, hood and pitch

Best retractable awning for sun

Pros and Cons

All models (Roma, Venezia, Palermo and Palermo Plus) have many advantages, including top-quality production materials for the frame and fabric. The solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are the best option for sun and UV-ray protection and can keep their bright colors for many, many years.

Additionally, they come with a 10-year warranty, putting every client’s mind at ease. You can install them on various surfaces, which is excellent if you are not sure where you want to mount them just yet.

For some, a disadvantage can be considered the price of the models, although it does vary depending on the size, customization and additional features you might want to add. In the retractable awning industry, you most definitely get what you pay for. In other words, there is a direct relationship between the $ spent and the product quality.

In all cases, the return on investment is high with these models, which are the best-motorized awnings (or manual, if you wish), according to my research and the retractable awning reviews on my website.

Best retractable awning for sun

Which one to choose and why?

After you have all the information and adequate comparison between the different models, choosing a particular one is up to you. Consider your budget, available space and specific needs. The best part is that with each model, you can choose from manual or motorized operational mechanisms and mount them on just about any surface. 

However, here are some specific facts that might help tip the scales towards one model or another :

  • If you want a full-cassette awning – Venezia
  • Highest pitch – Palermo Plus
  • Most wind-resistant – Palermo or Palermo Plus
  • Most budget-friendly – Palermo
  • Widest – Palermo or Palermo Plus
  • With longest projection – Roma

If you are not sure just yet, you can read the different retractable awning reviews on my website for each model and decide for yourself.