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Awntech vs Sunsetter — Comparison Manufacturers of Awnings

Awntech vs Sunsetter — Comparison Manufacturers of Awnings

Awntech vs Sunsetter

Choosing to add a retractable awning to your outdoor space is a significant investment. With so many product choices available, it can be difficult to wade through the voluminous amount of information on the subject to decide which is the right product for you.

In this blog, we will compare Awntech vs Sunsetter awnings. We will show prospective buyers the differences between these brands in terms of cost, durability, design options, installation choices, and types of warranties.

Table of Contents

  • Difference Between Awntech and Sunsetter Products
  • Company Overview
  • Awntech
  • Sunsetter
  • Width of Awntech and Sunsetter Awnings
  • Projection of Awnings
  • Fabric and color
  • Installation Awnings
  • Warranty Awntech & Sunsetter
  • Conclusion

Difference Between Awntech and Sunsetter Products

Sunsetter is a well-known awning company due to their extensive advertising campaigns. They claim they are America’s largest manufacturer of quality patio and deck awnings. They offer awnings to those that prefer to do their own installation as well as those that choose to use an independent dealer.

Awntech is a company that focuses exclusively on the “do-it-yourselfer”. It is their belief that by cutting out the middle man, they save you money on your purchase. They feature a good selection of budget retractable awnings at very affordable prices.

Both companies keep their costs low by offering a limited choice in terms of fabric and frame colors as well as sizes and projections.

Company Overview

Both Sunsetter and Awntech have a long history in the retractable awning industry. Each company has a network of some satisfied customers that can recommend the company’s products. Their combination of low-cost products and a highly-visible brand makes them a preferred choice of awning buyers.


Awntech is an awning manufacturing company that has been in business since 2003 and is based in Euless, TX. Their goal is to help lower users energy costs while making their properties more aesthetically pleasing.

Their Beauty-Mark awning line is built on the concept of classic design and quality workmanship. Awntech prides themselves on offering a wide assortment of awnings from modular, lightweight units up to high-end ornamental awning designs.

Awntech is proud to say that they have built a business model where they have cut out the middle-man. This streamlined approach means that you save money, yet still receive an awning that can be installed quickly and efficiently by practically any user.

The three pinnacles of the Awntech brand are a do-it-yourself approach, combined with tremendous energy savings and elegant style.


Sunsetter has assumed a leadership position in the awning industry with over 500,000 customers throughout the country. Because they produce awnings with components from China that are assembled here in the USA in such high volume, they are able to offer lower prices than the competition.

Sunsetter says that they are America’s largest manufacturer of outdoor awnings. In addition, they state that a low-priced awning does not mean the customer has to sacrifice anything in terms of choice or quality.

Sunsetter loves to tell customers that their awning products help you “outsmart the weather.” Not only do their awnings help to protect you from elements like the sun, they also help to substantially reduce your energy costs.

Sunsetter offers awnings that offer engineering excellence and designer elegance at very affordable prices.

Width of Awntech and Sunsetter Awnings

Awntech offers their awnings in standard widths based on the projection desired. The awnings come in widths between 8 to 24 ft. with all widths except 8 and 10 ft. offering a 10 ft. projection.

The Sunsetter is created in a similar style with most widths offering a higher projection. In general, they offer widths between 8 to 20 ft.

Projection of Awnings

The projection of the awnings of both companies is tied directly to the width of the awning. Only the smallest widths have projections of 7 or 8 feet. Generally speaking, the projection of most Sunsetter awnings is 10 ft. 2 in. while the projection of most Awntech awnings is 10 ft.

Fabric and color

Awntech has a fairly wide selection of fabric choices for such a low-cost awning. They offer 17 solid colors, 19 striped colors, and they have a selection of 15 colors that are now available but will soon be discontinued.

There is some limitation in choice as certain models, like the Bostonian and Chicago, of Awntech awnings may only use solid colors.

Sunsetter offers both woven acrylic fabric as well as traditional laminated fabric. There are 16 color choices of the acrylic fabric while the laminated fabric offers 12 choices. Both types of fabric are manufactured in China.

Again as with the Awntech awnings, there can be limitations as not all the models of Sunsetter awnings have all the color and fabric choices available.

Installation Awnings

The Awntech awnings are designed for the “do-it-yourselfer”. That means that they expect you to do the installing whether you actually do the work or you hire a crew to do the installation for you.

Sunsetter is similar in that its true target market is those that will install the products themselves. They do, however, have a dealer network where you may buy your awnings and then have the dealer arrange to install the awning as well.

Warranty Awntech & Sunsetter

Awntech awnings offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty. It should be noted that the warranty is somewhat limited, is often offered pro-rated, and can often include owners having to pay for the shipping of replacement parts.

The Sunsetter offers a very similar 5-year limited warranty. This warranty may also have a provision that users pay for the shipping of replacement parts. Of note, Sunsetter offers a 90-day money-back guarantee less a 10% restocking fee for awnings purchased directly from Sunsetter.

To help make the comparison of Sunsetter versus Awntech easier, I have included this convenient table to show the highlights of each product.

Product Awntech Sunsetter
Width Available 8 to 24 ft. 8 to 20 ft.
Projections Available 7, 8, and 10 ft. 7, 9, and 10 ft. 2 in.
Fabric and Colors 51 colors 28
Installation Self Self or dealer
Warranty 5-year limited & prorated 5-year limited & prorated


When trying to decide whether to go with Awntech or Sunsetter products, both strive to provide a fair amount of choice in retractable awnings in deference to those that want to do their own installation. The fact that Sunsetter has a dealer network may make potential buyers happier than simply trying to go it alone with an Awntech product.

When making a significant investment like a retractable awning for your outdoor space, it is always best to first hear what the owners of the product think. When you take a look at my retractable awnings reviews page, you will see reviews on a wide variety of Awntech, Sunsetter and other brands to help you make a much more informed decision.