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Retractable folding lateral arm awning

and retractable patio cover pergola system

fabric cleaning information

  • It is generally recommended that your retractable folding lateral arm awning or retractable patio cover system fabric be cleaned once per year. Frequency of cleaning will depend on the local environment and amount of dirt that accumulates on the fabric.
  • Retractable awnings and retractable patio cover pergola systems should not be cleaned with a power washer. If cleaned with a power washer, the fabric and frame will more than likely be destroyed or at the least damaged by the excessive force of a power washer. Most retractable awning and retractable patio cover pergola system fabrics have less than 300lbs of pressure capability and pressure washers are normally over 1000psi.
  • Almost all biological and environment type dirt and contaminants can be removed from a retractable lateral arm awning or retractable patio cover systems fabric but permanent stains, rust and paint usually cannot be removed. Attempting to remove permanents stains, rust and paint could cause damage to the fabric.
  • For those that have the time to clean themselves, we highly recommend cleaning using the particular manufacturer’s recommendations as the type of fabric used for awnings and patio covers varies within the awning and patio cover industry. We have included some links to manufacturers cleaning instructions below. For those manufacturers that wish to have their cleaning instructions added to this web page, please contact us using the contact page on the website.
  • To find an awning cleaning professional you can consider those in your area at the National Register of Professional Awning Cleaners NRPA. See this link:

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